Halftime Dogs Flying Disc Show performs at sporting events all over North America. We’ve done shows for football, basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby and equestrian events, and tailor our show based on the amount of time needed, size of the performance area and type of flooring/turf. We require very little setup — it’s basically just us, the dogs, and a handful of frisbees. We are fully insured (occurrence limit $2M/aggregate limit $4M). 

Todd Murnan

Founder and Performer

Todd started out as a service dog trainer, raising six CCI service dog puppies from 2000-2007. In 2007, he got his Belgian Malinois, Bella, and became an avid disc dog competitor. Todd and Bella won the Ashley Whippet World Championship two years later in 2009. Todd toured with the Incredible Dogs Show from 2010-2013, performing in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Miami and Panama. He was on the Purina Pro Plan Performance Team from 2012-2016. He’s the captain of Team Hero (Hero Disc USA), who sponsors the world’s best Disc Dog World Champions, professional competitors & performers. 

Todd’s dogs also perform for commercials, movies & TV through Big Air K9s.

He lives with his family and pack of 10 dogs in the Denver area.

Other Halftime Dogs Performers

John Casey

John started training dogs and competing in disc dog competitions in 1990. He joined the Purina Incredible Dog Team in 2000 and traveled all over the country putting on shows with his six rescue dogs. In 2008, John helped start the Pro Plan Performance Team at Purina Farms and spent six years there as Purina’s head trainer. He is based in the St. Louis area.

Jonathan Offi

Jonathan is a disc dog competitor and stunt/trick trainer who started playing frisbee with pitbulls he’d rescued from shelters. He now owns 14 rescue dogs that perform all over the country, delighting audiences and raising awareness of the pet over-population epidemic. He toured with the Incredible Dogs Show and has appeared with his dogs on Pit Bulls and Parolees, the Late Show with David Letterman, the World Dog Awards and many more. He is based in the St. Louis area.

Mike Hanson

Mike and his Border Collie mix MaggEY started competing in disc dog events in 2007 and won the UFO World Cup Championship in 2011. They were also the Colorado State Champions in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Mike is sponsored by Hero Disc USA and lives in the Denver area.

Andrew Han

Andrew has been competing in the sport of canine disc since 2009 with his first disc dog Solar. They quickly rose to the top of the sport and continually placed in the top 10 in their first season. Solar and Andrew won their first disc dog world championship in 2014. Andrew also competes with three other dogs, all from various rescues and shelters. He is sponsored by Hero Disc USA and is based in Milwaukee.

Gary Duke

Gary started disc dogging in 2005 with his Australian Shepherd, Bayer. He’s known for his big throwing arm and trademark move, the Vertical Joyride. Gary and Border Collie Kate won the Quadruped distance series in 2016 with a catch at 116 yds. He’s sponsored by Hero Disc USA and based in the Tampa Bay area.